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We are a Full-Service Leak Detection Company.

Lone Star Leak Detection, LLC is a Pool/SPA leak detection service specializing in Swimming Pools and Spas.
Leak Detection for Waterfalls and/or Water features is also offered.

pool leak detection
COMPLETE LEAK DETECTION Lone Star Leak Detection inspections has state-of-the-art equipment, making finding those leaks faster and easier. » SEE MORE
pool equipment repair
EQUIPMENT REPAIR Lone Star Leak Detection, LLC is a Full Service company to include your equipment needs. » SEE MORE
swimming pool crack repair
CRACK REPAIR Cracks are repaired while the pool is drained using hydrophobic epoxy by injection method. » SEE MORE

Proud to be your Leak Detection Specialists

We are a locally owned company with pride, respect, and customer service of the old days. Business still maintained with a phone call and a hand shake.

Lone Star Leak Detection pays attention to your needs and listens to grant our customer exactly what they expect - quality and a warranty - there is not a swimming pool leak we can not find and fix - or find a remedy. Call Us - We are the real deal!

When you choose Lone Star Leak Detection leak detection experts, you are getting highly qualified professionals who know how to find and repair even the most difficult of leaks.

If you suspect your swimming pool is leaking, take action right away. Continuously refilling your pool only to have it empty too quickly will waste your money, Water, and time. Choosing the right leak detection company will allow you to continue enjoying the pool season while minimizing the damage done to your pool and property.

Though it may seem logical to turn to a pool professional when it comes to a possible undetected swimming pool leak, Lone Star Leak Detection, leak detection professionals are the real experts to call. They will:

  • Use state-of-the-art detection equipment to find the problem
  • Find leaks pool professionals may not have the equipment or know-how to detect
  • Repair it quickly and efficiently

Choosing the right leak detection service will save you money over time because the sooner the leak is detected, the more quickly it can be repaired, and less damage can be done by an undetected leak.

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