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Pressure testing the plumbing. The plumbing for the pool/spa consists of a suction side and a pressure side. The pump pulls the water from the pool, sends it through the filter/heater and back to the pool/spa, via the returns. The circulation features on the pool usually consist of a skimmer (suction side), pool cleaner(suction or pressure side) and the returns (pressure side) which bring water back to the pool/spa after the water has been filtered. The Spa operation is the same with the exception of a skimmer if the Spa is attached to the pool: See Diagram.

Certified Scuba diver to dye test the structure. A certified scuba diver is the technician whom will address the basins for the swimming pool/spa in reference to all the fittings that are plastered into the pool/spa. All these fittings can leak around the pvc fittings (Ex.the return collars on the side of the pool), including the light and the main drain. The main drain plumbing should be pressure tested to determine integrity. The scuba technician will plug the opening in the main drain pot or induce air from the opening in the main drain plumbing and pressure test the plumbing from the bottom of the pool to the water diverter at the equipment. This can be completed with a scuba technician without removing the water from the basin(s). (Winter weather permitting.) Any structure fractures and cracks will be addressed with dye while the scuba technician is in the pool/spa. The cracks have to be tested for leaks with water in the basins in order to detect whether the cracks are leaking or not leaking.

Equipment area will be addressed as necessary. Equipment leaks are infamous at the motor, pump, ozonator, Polaris pump hoses etc.These areas should be the first to visually inspect before determing a leak within the plumbing or structure of the swimming pool and/or spa.

A visual inspection regarding the pump to the motor (where the filter basket is located) should be free of air bubbles in the pump pot while the motor is running. This could indicate a suction side leak either within the water diverters or within the plumbing. This air leak problem (cavitation) could lead to motor replacement over a short period of time. A leak specialist should be notified immediately!

Most of the equipment systems use a DE filtration system which does not require a backwash. If a backwash exists make sure that the plumbing from the backwash to the drain-off is not leaking by - check this for water leaving. This is located at the filter - too many designs to mention.

Plumbing leaks located with Elec.Sonar Device. Our leak-detection equipment is essential to the inspection of your site and problem. Lone Star Leak Detection inspections has state-of-the-art equipment, making finding those leaks faster and easier. By using acoustic instruments, we are able to pre-locate and pinpoint leaks that used to only be noticed manually. Another great tool we use during the leak-detection process utilizes an ultra-sensitive probe to pick up vibrations or sounds caused by a broken pipe. For that tough-to-find water leak, we have a great tool, the ground mic locator. It picks up the sounds of the leak while suppressing any other extraneous sounds, helping to isolate the leak. Searching for leaks under the deck and other leaks has evolved into a fairly technologically advanced process, requiring the right tools and training. Our technicians are trained and experienced with our innovative approaches and equipment to efficiently and safely find all types of leaks on your swimming pool and/or spa.

Lone Star Leak Detection, LLC is a Pool/SPA leak detection service specializing in Swimming Pools and Spas.

Leak Detection for Waterfalls and/or Water features is also offered.

We are a Full-Service Leak Detection Company

Equipment Repair
Lone Star Leak Detection, LLC is a Full Service company to include your equipment needs.

Crack Repair
This area is our specialty - cracks are repaired while the pool is drained using hydrophobic epoxy by injection method. The repair has a two year warranty. Call for more information.


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